Follow Apple's October event live here with us

Jump in over the next few hours and get everything worth knowing.

What we expect:

  • New iPad Pros with USB-C
  • Updated iMacs
  • All-new Mac Mini
  • Maybe a new MacBook Air

...but there might be more surprises!

Tim Cook's up

First thing: the Mac!

Hey, there's a new MacBook Air!

✅ No Touchbar
✅ Retina display
❌ That butterfly keyboard

And uh...

...there's no magnetic charger anymore 👎

Now for the nerdy stuff

  • There's models up to the i7 from Intel
  • Up to 16 GB of Memory
  • Works with eGPU (but no on-board one)
  • 2x USB-C ports
  • Made of recycled aluminum!

Other stuff:

Available from today, delivering November 7... and starts at $1199 in the US. So long overdue...

Hey, the Mac Mini is back!

  • All the way up to 64GB of RAM
  • Options for processors up to 4.6GHz 6-core i7
  • 2TB SSD if you max it out
  • 4x USB-C, a bunch of USB-A ports too!
  • 10Gb ethernet port

This is a serious computer! 

Talking Apple Store

A bunch of news about Apple Stores from the head of retail, Angela Ahrendts... more free lessons

Time to talk iPad

"The most popular PC"

Outselling every notebook out there, apparently.

Meet the new iPad Pro!

Look at that bezel!

Both sizes are technically bigger

...thanks to reducing that little bit around the edge.

USB-C made it!

That means you can charge other devices from your iPad, or use external screens.

I mean, this is lovely.

Apple Pencil charges wirelessly...

...through a magnet on the side!

They're really pushing the 'like a computer' angle this time

...there's a catch

The headphone jack is gone! 🙄

So, regardless, it looks lovely...

... and it's available from November 7 starting at $799 for the small and $999 for the big one.

Phew, that's it for now!

The event's wrapping up with Lana Del Rey performing

Not a bad year! I think almost everyone can't complain this time around.

If you made it this far: thanks for tuning in! I hope you enjoyed our story experiment ♥