Live from Google's Pixel 3 event

From New York City, beginning October 9.

Here's what we're expecting:

  • Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL with new cameras, better performance and... a notch.
  • Two Chromebooks, one a traditional laptop and the other a convertible.
  • Google's first attempt at a smart display, like Echo Show.
  • New software, lots of big numbers and more.

The event is about to start.

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The waiting begins...

Well, I'm in!

Here we go!

First up we're getting the usual recap from Rick Osterloh, head of hardware.

Search literally anything?

Now Google Photos understands abstract concepts, which is cool. "Eyes" or "nose" for example.


Google uploaded everything to YouTube by accident. Here's the family...

There's the new Pixel 3.

Love that color. 'Kinda pink.' Lots of notch.

Google's first smart display, too.

It's Google Home, with a screen.

Google's Ivy Ross is the person behind their killer hardware design. Love the unification of color this year.

Pixel Slate!

It's a convertible laptop/tablet, with Chrome OS. Essentially what Pixel C should've been years ago.

We're hearing about Home Hub right now.

Interesting tidbit is Google explicitly left a camera out, so privacy isn't a concern.

Interesting play for being the 'other' device.

It's positioned as the device that helps run the smart home, taking charge of the IoT app overload problem. The only thing is it's glued to a stand...

RIP HomeKit

Home Hub details

  • Killer price at $149.
  • Focused on helping make the smart home less frustrating.
  • Includes 6 months of ad-free YouTube
  • No camera to focus on privacy

Moving on to Pixel Slate

Big pushes to define this as the "next" computing device.

Lots of talk about security, encryption and how compatible it is... without being a PC. 

I'm so curious about this rounded keyboard, it looks dope.

Pixel Slate details:

  • Starts at $599, without the keyboard.
  • Fingerprint sensor, device encryption with the new Titan Security chip.
  • Higher resolution display than the iPad Pro.
  • Optional pen, keyboard, other accessories.

Onward to Pixel 3, finally.

Top Shot

New feature that saves for a few seconds before and after a shot, so you don't miss the right shot. Smart!

Lots of new photo-focused features:

  • Night mode that doesn't require flash
  • Wide-angle lenses for front-facing photos
  • Smart machine learning used to to 'super zoom' with just one lens


Free for all Pixel users. Data stays on your device, no cloud required.

Pixel Stand

Wireless charging that adjusts the UI to be useful while you're charging the device. I love this!

Here's the markets you can get one in...

Pixel 3 details:

  • Pixel 3 - From $799, sans notch.
  • Pixel 3 XL - From $899, with a giant notch.
  • Pre-orders start on October 9, with delivery later.
  • Most software features will come to all previous Pixels.

Hands-on time.

Stay tuned, we're off to the demo area.

Baby Pixel 3

I might downgrade to this.

Pixel 3 XL

That notch.

Home Hub.

It's waaaay smaller than expected.

Pixel Slate.

Really think the smaller Pixel is the winner. It feels fantastic in hand, especially with the new glass back.