Live from Microsoft's Surface Event

In New York City, on October 2

We're live!

Add this page to your home screen, and check back! 

We're at the event now, and it's about to start. 

On the way...

Pretty low key — I suspect a few minor refreshes, maybe Hololens 2.

Here's Microsoft's Frank Shaw kicking things off. Let's go!

We've kicked off with a discussion about Time Well Spent. 

Microsoft doesn't have anything here yet! Apparently still nothing.

Windows 10's next big update is out today... and it's called the October update. Surprise?

Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer is up now, talking about "getting in your flow."

Panos just borrowed a dude next to me's laptop to make a point about how Surface grew... at a Microsoft event 😂

Blacked out Surface Pro 6!

Whoa - quad-core in that form factor is wild!

There's some crazy new stuff here:

  • Quad-core option
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 13.5 hours battery
  • New high-res pixel-sense display

Surface Laptop 2

Comes blacked out, too.

Here's the details

Surface Pro: available October 16th, starting at $899.

Surface Laptop 2: same date, starting at $999.

That seems to be it on hardware. Still have some questions:

  • Uh... no USB-C?
  • What about LTE?
  • What does that quad-core model cost???
  • Will we see a Surface Studio 2?

Now it's software time. The new 'Your Phone' app syncs all SMS/photos instantly with Android devices.

WHOA - full on phone mirroring. See and control your entire device on your Windows machine. 

This is wild! I'd assume Android only at first, but I need it!

Here comes Surface Studio 2...

There it is! "More graphics power" is the big topic..

Surface Studio 2's display: 3:2, 192DPI, DCI-P3 and it "renders like print." Pascal graphics...

~ brief interlude while they show us how styluses work ~

Surface Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones from Microsoft??

"13 levels" of noise cancellation with the same beam forming tech that Apple touts in HomePod. 🤔

Those headphones are "coming soon" and are part of the Surface lineup. They look pretty!

Surface All Access

This is the one last thing, that gives you a "device and software" for $24.99 a month. 

More info needed, but smart move.

Device demo time.

Off to try some stuff. Check back in the next few minutes for some video/hands on.

Surface Headphones


Surface Laptop 2

Surface Pro 6

Headphones, deconstructed.

That's all, folks

We're done here for the day. Get the briefing tomorrow for everything you need to know!