Pixel 3: The Lightning Review

A quicker review of the Pixel 3, just for you.

I've been using the Pixel 3 for a week

...and just published my first look. Here's a quick overview of everything worth knowing, coming from a Pixel 2 XL for the last year.

It's a big upgrade

But the changes are subtle: it's now sandwiched in glass, so feels much more premium. The smaller Pixel 3 has a rounded screen, but no notch (that's this one).

Favorite new thing:

Pixel Stand. Having a wireless charger that acts as a photo frame is surprisingly delightful.

Next-level camera

Pixel 2 had a killer camera that's arguably still the best on the market today.

Pixel 3 takes that to the next level, with new AI-backed ways of making photos look magic.

​Here's a few samples...

Tap on through for a look.

How about Portrait Mode?

We've got that too... tap on...

Sometimes this goes wrong

Check out the edge of the Kindle there.

Here's a 'wide selfie' in portrait mode

There's a "Super Res Zoom" feature

Pixel 3 snaps a bunch of shots, at different micro-angles, then uses AI to merge them together and deduce the difference. 

The next three shots are from the same device, with just one lens, to see the results.

OK, but should you buy this thing?

It's complicated. If you have a Pixel 2, it might not be worth it.... but...

...if you're jumping from iPhone, or an older smartphone, Pixel 3 is the phone to beat.

Pixel 3 comes in three colors

Just Black, Clearly White and Kinda Pink... and starts at $799 for this smaller one.

Thanks for reading!

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