Hi, I'm Owen Williams and Charged is a weekly newsletter designed to save you time and get you up to date, without the need to keep up with noisy tech sites.

It started as a fun side project in 2014, and grew more than 300% every year since then from little more than word of mouth. Now, Charged is a newsletter and a podcast, which every month reaches over 30,000 readers and listeners.

Why? Because we round up the best technology stories, long reads, top startups and break it down and tell you why it matters -- and people love it.

We’re all about making technology meaningful for everyone, with subscribers from many backgrounds: venture capitalists, high school teachers, mechanics, accountants, software engineers, designers and more.

Why should you listen to me? 

I've worked across the technology industry as a infrastructure engineer, developer, product manager and journalist, so I know what it takes, and why events matter. 

At The Next Web, I wrote articles that reached more than 1.5 million readers every month, and tried to bring my rich experience to the media world, where few writers have a real technology background. Now, I'm head of digital at VanMoof and a freelancer for companies like IKEA, DigitalOcean, HP, Intercom and more

I read the news every day from thousands of sources through a lovingly-curated RSS reader library and many other sources, and bring that to you, along with context to help you navigate a world that's full of bullshit acronyms and backstories nobody really knows.

Why a podcast and newsletter? 

Well, why not? The idea was simple: make something useful, regularly, that helps people cut through bullshit and find stories they might not usually.

The surprising thing about email is that it's unsexy, but it works. I've never paid for advertising, and don't push Charged particularly hard, but people who are onboard keep coming back — more than 50% of subscribers read it every week, and 30% of them click a link every single week.

The podcast was born later, in 2016, in collaboration with John Edgar, CEO at Stae and former Chief Strategy Officer at DigitalOcean. We realized the opportunity in podcasts, and the value of providing a medium that didn't demand your full attention. Once a week, we break down the topics that matter and give our — very raw — takes on things. I think you'll love it.

If you’re just joining us, I hope you find great value in Charged. I created this newsletter because I was seeking something better for digesting the noisy technology world, and I hope it’s useful to you! 

Have some questions? Feel free to get in touch with me directly -- I love hearing from people.

— Owen

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