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056: Very exciting news, and a bunch of great tech

I've been working on something new for months, and you get to be one of the very first people to try it. There's a very special offer for you inside, and all the great things to click on from this episode.

051: The next iPhone

OK, this isn't really an Apple episode, but there's a great discussion about the next iPhone and what it means for the company at the end. But, we also talk about Waymo's self-driving heaven and how it's teaching cars to see, shark detecting drones and a whole lot more! Sorry we didn't publish one for a while — we're back at it now! 

050: Celebrating 50 episodes of Charged Podcast!

This week we hung out on YouTube with our listeners and recorded Charged Tech episode 50! It was fun, and way more random than normal so listen in and see how it went. There's talk about Snap's terrible stock price, Hyperloop and Owen's weird VR experience. Watch the video instead at!

048: Is SoundCloud gonna make it?

This week on Charged, we discuss the fall and ultimate demise of SoundCloud as the news rolls in that it's laid off 40 percent of its employees in a bid to stay afloat. Also on the agenda: Waymo dropping many of its claims against Uber, why Tesla miiiight be a little overvalued, and how Photobucket (which is somehow still around) accidentally killed half the web. 

046: Uber, sexual harassment and intentional culture

This week on Charged, much discussion about Uber’s embattled CEO, Travis Kalanack, who has resigned from the company. And, Amazon’s getting into the grocery game, cryptocurrencies and a bunch of discussion about sexual harassment in the industry following a powerful report in The Information. 

045: Apple's huge developer event, distilled

This week, John and Owen tackle one big hairy topic: Apple's enormous developer event. We talk about the future of computing, and how the iPad plays into that, Apple's first take on a smart home speaker, AR and Google's push into adblocking.

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