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OK Google, does your phone work better than the iPhone?

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Stop using .dev before it's too late

If you're a developer, like me, at some point you've probably used a `.dev` domain (or still do) for your local development environments. You might have missed, however, that the entire `.dev` top-level domain (TLD) was sold to the highest bidder — Google — in 2015.

Google hasn't said what it's planning for the TLD, but it owns the entire name space now, meaning it's technically a terrible idea to use it locally and has been for a long time. 

Hundreds of thousands of developers out there still likely use it locally, but Google's forging ahead with actually using the namespace: it's now part of Chrome's HSTS pre-loading (along with .foo, as well), getting it ready for production use with SSL.

ICANN: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As entire new TLDs are coming into the world, nobody seems to be stemming the flow of them or choosing which ones shouldn't exist — it's just about how much money is available and it's sold to the highest bidder. 

ICANN, the agency that issues these domain names, doesn't seem to give a shit anyway: it's planning to open up the `.exe` domain space and many others like `.pdf` for sale. 

The same agency says there's four "safe" domain spaces you can use, at least until it sells those too: .test, .example, .invalid, .localhost.

If that happens, I'm quitting the internet because we're all going to lose, and who the hell knows what's going to be hidden behind www.banking.exe at that point?

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