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Google and Saint Laurent are making a gesture-enabled smart backpack

Google's Project Jacquard is back with its second smart wearable: a gesture-enabled backpack, in collaboration with Saint Laurent.

Lenovo X1 carbon review: the best light, portable laptop

It's fast, quiet, and ultra-light. Lenovo's X1 Carbon is one of the best MacBook alternatives available today, and it'll last you forever.

Making web dev on Windows great with WSL2

Linux on Windows sounded absurd a few years ago, but now, the next-generation version is on the way. WSL2 is a peek at the future of web development—done right.

OnePlus 7 Pro review: an enormous phone from the future

A beautiful phone that looks like it's from a science fiction movie, for a fraction of the price of an iPhone—the OnePlus 7 Pro is a great Pixel alternative.

How I use Slack—alone—to get more done

How integrations and an empty Slack team help me get more done.

Apple wants to kill the ad industry. It's forcing developers to help.

Apple is strong-arming developers into squashing an industry under the guise of privacy, and it's going to hurt us all.

Dating apps have a responsibility to better protect our emotions

Dating has always been stressful—but tech companies have turned it into an elaborate trap, designed to suck you in. Who's responsible for fixing it?

GitHub's new features show it's finally listening to developers

Microsoft rescued GitHub—and it's back the tools developers always wanted, along with a healthier open source community.

I was wrong about the iPad Pro

I already tried the iPad Pro and hated it—but I have a confession: I got another one, and it made my workflow better.

Sore wrists? Logi's MX Vertical mouse can help

If you're thinking about getting an ergonomic mouse, don't put it off. The Logi MX Vertical is a great mouse, which might help save your wrists too.