Google won't acknowledge a crippling Pixel 3 camera bug

Many Pixel 3 owners are seeing a "fatal camera error" that prevents them from taking photos. Google's advice? Wait.

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The iPad Pro is a delightful, terrible mess

If the iPad Pro is the future of productivity, I think we can do better.

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Microsoft is finally selling Surface Go with LTE onboard

The best tablet for taking everywhere with you just got even better with a LTE option for $679.

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Huawei MateBook X Pro review: an improved MacBook Air

Huawei made a MacBook Air competitor that beats Apple at its own game.

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OK Google, we need to talk about privacy

Google's building impressive features that focus on user privacy. It needs to start taking a stance, not just when it's convienient.

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Google Pixel 3 review: improving on incredible

How do you take a fantastic device and make it even better? Pixel 3 is full of surprises, and worth paying attention to.

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