Google News is broken

It's one of the biggest traffic drivers on the web, but Google's policies about how to get into the index are opaque, and applied at random.

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Laptop buyer's guide: The best MacBook alternatives for 2019

Looking for a new laptop for 2019? I've been hunting, testing and reviewing every quality Windows PC for a year, and these are the results.

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Self-flying drones are here and they're mind blowingly cool

The real, self-flying drone has finally arrived, and the future is way more fun than I ever thought it could be. Why fly yourself when the drone can do it for you?

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Fortnite isn't a game, it's a place

We're barely even playing, because it's about so much more.

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Surface Go is proof that every computer needs LTE

I replaced my entire workflow with a Surface Go, and I'm now convinced that every laptop should have a LTE modem.

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Make a dumb coffee machine smart with this DIY hack

It's easy to make your coffee machine turn on in the morning automatically. With a dirt-cheap switch, you can add smarts to a Moccamaster or any other device.

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