Hey friends,

We have some bittersweet news to share: unfortunately for us, John needs to free himself up to focus on his startup, which means this is the last ever Owen and John podcast. The good news is we've got two new co-hosts along with Owen coming for Charged Podcast chapter two which kicks off in two weeks!

I'm super sad to lose John, but it's been a blast to do 60 full episodes together — and we're planning to regularly have him call in for a hot take on something he's thinking about. A huge thanks for listening to our show, and all of your amazing comments, reviews and support.

I'll have more to share about the new format and our mysterious new co-hosts, which you'll find right here and in your podcast app without any changes, really soon!

For this week, we're talking about these topics:

  1. Theranos comes full circle, lays off almost everyone as it struggles to survive
  2. Facebook faces Congress and the Senate
  3. Spotify's unconventional IPO
  4. Apple's huge transition to ARM, and the decline of Intel

If you have notes for us, or want to say bye to John yourself, feel free to email us: hello@chargedpodcast.com, or tweet us here.