Hello again!

It's time for something new. Last week, we said farewell to our legendary co-host John Edgar, and I'm so thankful for the two years of great podcasts — but this week we have fresh new faces!

Introducing Charged Podcast Chapter Two, with our new hosts Frederique Matti, freelance illustrator based in Amsterdam, and Zach Grosser, design education manager at Figma also based in Amsterdam.

You'll learn more about Zach and Frederique on this episode, but if you want to follow them online, here's where they're hanging out: Zach is @zachgrosser on Twitter and his website is here, and Frederique is @f_rederique on Twitter and her website is here.

Not only are we all based in the same timezone, we're recording in the same place as of this episode, so we plan to bring you a regular look at what's happening in the world of technology with a European spin.

This week, it's a mixed bag of topics as we get started with our fun new show. This episode includes an extended introduction to the entire group, and a bunch of great stuff about these fun topics:

We'd love to know what you think! This is our very first episode in a new format, so your feedback is super helpful; you can leave a review on iTunes which helps us in a big way, or just say hey directly by tweeting @chargedtech or emailing hi@chargedpodcast.com.