The poker bot perfecting the art of lying

A poker-playing bot, Pluribus, just beat out more than a dozen of the world's best poker players at Texas Hold'em. Pluribus, which was created by an A.I researcher named Noam Brown, who now works at Facebook, and Thomas Sandholm, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University. What makes the bot interesting is not that it's great at poker, but that it was able to learn how to handle itself when faced with adversaries that are lying to it, hiding information from it, rather than training it. From an interview with Medium's OneZero:  “I think this is really going to be essential for developing A.I.s that are deployed in the real world,” Brown told OneZero, ”because most real-world, strategic interactions involve multiple agents, or involve hidden information.” If the bot was actually playing for money, it would have been making $1,000 an hour against these professionals, according to Facebook's press release about the experiment. You can watch –Poker bot ↗