Passport photos stolen from U.S. border protection

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) lost control of more than 100,000 photos of people and vehicles traveling in and out of the country, in what amounts to a nightmare scenario for most of us. Naturally, it blames a contractor, who it says copied the images “without authorization,” and was later hacked, but why did the contractor have access to them in the first place, then? It’s always the contractor’s fault, except CBP clearly had poor data controls in place anyway. But, who was the unnamed contractor that lost said data? Well, CBP refused to name the company, but the title of a Word document with a public statement included the name “Perceptics.” That happens to be the name of one of the companies that provides technology for license plate scanning, and the company was bragging about being the exclusive supplier just last month.  This is a significant event for two reasons: 1) losing your passport –Biometrics ↗