Amazon's goal: Alexa everywhere

At a surprise Amazon event yesterday, the company unveiled a slew of new devices with Alexa inside, building out a formidable voice ecosystem for your home (and sometimes beyond).  There were two distinct categories unveiled: Alexa speakers and Alexa-enabled products, so we'll start with the former first and blast through all of the different devices shown off, because there's just too many to go into depth: Echo Link Amp and Echo Link to add Alexa smarts to existing home theater or speaker setups for $299. A huge shot across the bow against Sonos, which announced its own Amp for $599 last week, sans voice capabilities.Echo Subwoofer to add a little more bass to existing Echo setups for $130. Still requires a separate Alexa speaker!Echo Dot the existing smaller, cheaper puck-sized speaker got an update with rounded edges and better sound for $50.Echo Input adds Alexa support to any speaker with a 3.5mm jack and