The ultimate Tab Dump

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is OK at its job now
We've had a non-stop year of news about Facebook's terrible attitude toward moderating its own platform, but Mark Zuckerberg took to his own profile to say that he thinks they're doing better, now, some months later. 

Evidence from Slate today says that it might be true that it's getting better among existing, measurable publications, but the context that's missing is new publications are created all the time and they could be succeeding. We'll just never know, and it's an endless game of whack-a-mole.

A new Chrome API will bring big changes to the web
So, fingerprint sensors have been around for a bit on laptops, but the missing magic has been a bridge to the web. Google's just announced plans to bring a biometric (fingerprint, face, you name it) API to the Chrome browser that will allow Chromebooks, MacBooks and other laptops to securely share whether or not the user is authenticated, or to unlock their account. 

This is a big deal! Instead of typing passwords, we can now manage our fingerprints at the OS-level, and never share them beyond that with even the browser. It'll be able to trigger the prompt, or know if you're securely authenticating. Just in time for Chromebooks made by Google to get fingerprint support ;).

What most companies don't tell you about remote work
It's lonely, depressing and anxious... but much more than that. As someone who did this a number of times myself, it's also frustrating: you have to arrange your taxes yourself, could be fired at any moment, and it's much harder to be 'seen' to be working than any other situation. 

A $118 million drone startup is shutting down.
Airware promised futuristic drones that DJI couldn't keep up with for the enterprise spaceW, but instead it ended up running out of money before shipping much at all. I'm starting to think that raising so much capital, so early on, is a death sentence, just because the pressure to spend it all and raise another round in time is simply too much to juggle. Worth reading just for the wild way everyone found out they lost their job: Slack.

Yeah, Apple has missed the boat on USB-C
We got it on the new MacBook three years ago, but the iPhone still ships with the old-school port, so what's going on? I'm largely guessing it's cost-cutting, since USB-C costs more to build, test and license.