Everything's great at Apple (if you ignore iPhone)

We knew it was coming, but now we know the extent of the iPhone's contraction in 2018: it sold 15 percent fewer iPhones than the previous year, at $51.9 billion.  That's still a lot of cash, but it's a big departure from where the company used to be — blockbuster growth every year. It's a sign that the market has become saturated, but even more clear is that Apple has completely topped out the price consumers are willing to pay. What was surprising in Apple's earnings is an admission from Tim Cook that the company had failed to price the iPhone correctly global, or even bother to adapt its prices to local markets, only pricing it in U.S. dollars and not adjusting it for each country it's in.  Apple has to be one of the largest companies in the world that doesn't adjust its products to local prices, and it's long been considered –Apple earnings ↗