Apple cracks down on trackers on its own turf

As Apple has honed in on websites abusing user's trust and tracking them across the internet, it's begun looking closer to home as well, with a new rule that bans both harvesting contacts and tracking users across apps. A common misnomer about native applications is that they might have less tracking scripts, or tools watching what you do, but the opposite is actually true: special SDK tools allow developers to get insights into much more than is currently possible on the web.  A great example of this is found in Facebook's SDK for iOS, a tool which app developers can embed for free to get easy Facebook sign in, sharing dialogs and access to the company's social network.  Installed in more than four million apps, the Facebook SDK promises an array of tools for developers, as well as ways to associate their users for remarketing purposes. This is not the only SDK that's rampant: the Google –Apple cracks down in the App Store ↗