US senators want to ban dark patterns

If 2019 will be remembered for anything, it might be the year that technology gets regulated. US senators are moving to ban online platforms from dark patterns—and from making their services addictive for under 13 year olds. What that means: the bill goes after bad interaction design that's engineered to trick users into the wrong decision—things like accidentally upgrading their plan to a more expensive one or handing over private information without realizing it.  Who's involved: Google , Mozilla, and Microsoft backed the project but even weirder, Mark Zuckerberg specifically, which is a red flag that the legislation might actually benefit them by making it difficult for others to compete. That said, it would only target platforms with 100 million monthly active users or more. The problems: what is a dark pattern and what isn't remains vague. Are UX flows such as Amazon's, which is designed to block users from leaving poor reviews, included in this plan? Will A/B testing different –DETOUR Dark UX patterns ↗