Cloudflare files to go public

Everyone decided to file their big S1 documents to go public this week, it seems, with Cloudflare not wanting to be left out. Cloudflare is one of the internet's juggernauts that you likely don't know exists—but you use on a daily basis. It provides free and paid tools for keeping your website loading fast (and up, under load), which more than 20 million sites use today.  Here are the big, interesting numbers from the S1, which is distinctly different from the messy WeWork one: Cloudflare saw $192.7M of revenue in 2018, and expects to grow it significantly this year, with it already cracking $129.2 in the first half of 2019. Healthy!The company loses money, still, and that grew as it accelerated toward IPO this year. It lost $87.2M in 2018, and it lost $36.8M in the first half of this year, which is on track to meet last year's loss. Compared to WeWork's billion-dollar –All aboard the S1 train ↗