Fixing photo attribution with DRM

A new project from Adobe, Twitter and The New York Times claims to have ambitions to "fix" the spread of misinformation online and help social media users identify who created a piece of art or a photo. Dubbed the Content Authenticity Initiative, it focuses on supposed transparency: With the volume of digital content increasing, people want to know that what they’re seeing online is authentic. Yet, currently there’s a lack of transparency. People can be misled when they don’t know who is altering content and what content has been changed. The ability to provide proper content attribution for creators and publishers is critical to ensure trust and transparency online. The announcement is decidedly vague, but this sounds like Digital Rights Management (DRM) but for photos, with the idea that you can somehow verify content made by Charged is indeed made by charged. That sounds nice, but it appears this isn't much more than –Content Authenticity ↗