Chat service Discord goes after Steam

For those who don't game, there's an interesting world of Software as a Service products that exist in that bubble that you might not have heard of. The biggest game store on PC, at least, is called Steam, which has been around since 2003, and it's a juggernaut with $4.3 billion in sales yearly. Steam has something of a monopoly on desktop gaming with around 50 - 70 percent of all games reportedly purchased via the platform (numbers are hard to come by because Valve, Steam's parent company, is not public and rarely discloses them). I use Steam, and I basically only buy games through Steam, so it's true for me at least.  That's a huge market, and one with little competition historically, but chat service Discord is hoping to take it on. Discord is something of a surprise hit in the gaming space; it's essentially a well-designed IRC chat service for –Discord is yuuuuge ↗