The fight for the internet is over (for now)

The European Parliament planned to vote yesterday to implement a dangerous copyright law that threatened the way the internet as we know it works. It wasn't looking positive at first, with many MEPs likely to vote for it, but when the vote came around it was defeated by a good majority: 318-278. This doesn't kill the legislation, but instead prevents it from sliding through without further debate. It ended up being the technology industry vs musicians, who were eager to see the law pushed through without a real understanding of the implications.  We'll hear more about this law in September, when it's likely to be revisited and a different version of the legislation is written, but it's still unclear if Article 11 (the link tax) and Article 13 (the filter requirement) will remain in the picture. Still, it's a victory for the internet in the short term. I have no idea –EU stalls copyright legislation ↗