Stripe moves into business loans

A fascinating announcement from a company known for taking payments, rather than paying them—Stripe is moving into business finance with a new service called Stripe Capital. The idea is simple: Stripe will loan customers money on the platform for things like placing a big order, or paying a supplier, and it'll recoup the costs automatically through the payments the vendor collects on the Stripe platform.  The service will actively offer to loan money to some merchants, all the way up to $25,000, with repayments that scale up to 15% of sales automatically. Instead of charging interest, Stripe will just ask for a simple flat fee (which we don't know the amount of, yet).  It's genius really, because Stripe has direct access to the cash flow of the merchant, so it knows how much capital it's willing to risk on them—and which merchants are worth avoiding. But, why does Stripe want to move into this space at all? Isn't –Stripe Capital ↗