The car of the future: 5G-enabled

The future of cars is connected, which will become increasingly important as more autonomous features become standard, requiring cars to communicate with each other while on the road. Europe just vetoed a proposal to use a new form of WiFi to connect cars in a decentralized manner, rather than cellular-based technologies, like 5G, on European roads. The work is designed to force car makers and technology vendors to choose a single communication standard for European roads, and allow all vehicles to interconnect in the future. Car makers had argued that while 5G may be interesting in the future, but WiFi is already standardized, and available on the market. I haven’t owned a car in years, but was surprised when I traveled to North America and rented a car that turned out to be 4G-equipped. Something about the car itself being directly connected to the internet felt creepy, because I couldn’t be sure who it –5G is the way forward for cars ↗