Facebook's answers to Congress are here

The worst homework assignment in history is over, with Facebook delivering more than 400 pages of answers to Congress' questions in written form. The answers cover everything from whether or not Facebook creates a 'shadow' profile on you even if you don't have an account, to whether share buttons are tracking you. Some of the answers are substantive, such as the answer to whether the 'like' button embedded on websites is used for tracking: When people visit apps or websites that feature our technologies—like the Facebook Like or Comment button—our servers automatically log (i) standard browser or app records of thefact that a particular device or user visited the website or app; and (ii) any additional information the publisher of the app or website chooses to share with Facebook about the person’s activities on that site (such as the fact that a purchase was made on the site) I like this –Facebook's full answers for Congress ↗