Facebook fights for a spot in your kitchen

The next platform wars are unfolding in a confusing location: your kitchen bench. Facebook unveiled Portal this week, a new device with a screen, speaker and camera, designed to live on your bench for making video calls. That's right, Facebook is seeking a spot for a video camera inside of your own home. Portal is designed as a dedicated video calling device that can't be moved around, living in a room of your choice as a permanent resident. It's genuinely shocking how little Portal can actually do: there's video calling, content sharing, Messenger integration, photos and notifications (from Facebook), basic Alexa support (weird), and that's basically it. I'm late to covering the device, because I assumed it did more... but I was wrong. Notably, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Podcasts and every other piece of content you probably care about is missing. It's a device, quite literally, designed to sit on your kitchen bench and wait for a video call –Facebook Portal ↗