Facebook flunks its chance to redeem itself at F8

The annual Facebook developer event has been a notable milestone each year that the company launches the new shiny bits of its platform it wants people to use, and developers to build against—this year was always destined to be different given that the company shuttered much of its developer platform in the face of a privacy crisis. Mark Zuckerberg came out strong at the event, trying to reshape the narrative the media has established around the company: we're now focused on building privacy-focused products, and they're going to be the new life-blood of the company.  Explaining the shift toward privacy-centric platforms, Zuckerberg felt strangely out of sorts—on the back foot, responding to a shift that's happening around Facebook, trying to work the company into a narrative that's already happening because of the influence it's had on the world.  He explained why a private social network was the way forward, but didn't touch on the elephant –Facebook's news day ↗