Facebook’s new privacy tools are here

Last year, Facebook promised to deliver a new ‘clear history’ tool for its users in a push to prove it gave a damn about privacy. It took an entire 12 months to arrive, but it’s now beginning to roll out globally. The ‘Clear History’ tool’s purpose is simple: clearing third party data that the company collects about you from other websites and apps. It might not be obvious, but as you browse the web, many sites quietly share data with Facebook to show you ads... which can be hard to know is even happening in the first place. This tool is a first attempt at actually showing users that data, and providing them with a way to control what happens to it. Unfortunately, it remains fairly self-serving: Facebook won’t actually delete your data, just disconnect it from your identity in the database. The company went to painful lengths to talk around this fact, never –Facebook’s privacy tools ↗