How Facebook failed to moderate its own platform

An amazing investigation from Motherboard's Jason Koebler and Joseph Cox went inside the company's walls, and how it's trying to grapple with the newfound moderation responsibilities pushed upon it. It's a long read that details what happened, and what's changing internally, and what isn't: Size is the one thing Facebook isn’t willing to give up. And so Facebook’s content moderation team has been given a Sisyphean task: Fix the mess Facebook’s worldview and business model has created, without changing the worldview or business model itself. The company has mindfully changed a number of ways it defines what stays and what goes, including special weekly meetings for "content escalations" and special teams that deal with breaking events as they unfold. This look at how Facebook actually wound up here can be unraveled from its earliest days. According to the piece, just under ten years ago in 2009, just 12 people moderated the entire platform: “Originally, it was –Facebook's moderation problem ↗