Samsung starts the foldable phone trend

There were a slew of big announcements at Samsung's annual phone event this morning, but one overshadowed the entire thing: the company is shipping its first-generation foldable smartphone this year. Yes, it's real, it's chunky, and it's a whopping $1,899. We knew foldable phones were coming, but the race to market was faster than I expected: Samsung's going to start selling this glorified prototype in April of this year. It works like this: the phone sports a 7.3-inch "Infinity Flex" display, which can be folded down to a more phone-friendly 4.6-inch phone display. There's two batteries onboard, separated by the hinge in the middle, but combined into one in the operating system so you'd know none the wiser. What's not really clear, outside of the sci-fi appeal of folding your phone into a tablet, is whether or not it's really useful at all? The idea behind the switchable modes is that when –Samsung Galaxy Fold is here ↗