We finally actually know something about Google's Stadia

In a blessedly short live-stream yesterday, Google revealed concrete details about its Stadia game streaming service for the first time. It's launching this November with the "premium" plan at $9.99, which allows gamers to stream a bunch of games without buying them outright, in 4K, on any device Chrome runs on. A surprise, however, is that it's also going to offer a 'Base' plan that's free to use, with lower-quality streaming of 'just' 1080p. That service will only allow gamers to play games they purchase through Stadia, but still allows the same sell: play on any device you like, with basically any controller you like. So, rather than being a 'Netflix for Games,' Stadia just wants to completely replace your gaming PC or console. Sure, a bunch of games will be available in the premium subscription, much like Microsoft's Xbox 'Game Pass' service, but what this is really about is a plan to kill gaming boxes –Stadia time ↗