GitLab backtracks on tracking users

GitLab, a company that positions itself as the open version of GitHub, struck a nerve this week when it announced it would start tracking users, both in its self-hosted and cloud products—a change that frustrated users so much it was backtracked in a matter of hours. The changes, under the moniker of an update to 'Telemetry Services' (which sounds less scary than tracking but means the same thing), saw GitLab planning to add both third and first-party tracking to its tools, which largely didn't exist before.  If you're a paying customer, this is the kind of thing that would probably trigger a security audit, but Gitlab hadn't thought of it as a big deal. Retroactively adding Javascript snippets (both open and closed-source) to people's software is kind of a dick move in any industry, but developers are particularly sensitive to this kind of thing. This is a tough one, because as a product person –GitLab oops ↗