Loon graduates into a Alphabet company

As Facebook killed its internet drone program, Google's is soaring: Project Loon is now a fully fledged company and has joined Alphabet. That means it's graduated from six years in Google's X lab and it's time to get serious. WIRED's deep dive looks at where Loon, which wants to provide internet in remote areas, is today: a single balloon can cover 2,000 square miles, it takes 30 minutes to launch a new one and they fly for more than six months at a time. Loon, back when it was dreamt up, felt like science fiction that couldn't possibly come true. Now it's tackling real problems and beginning to build agreements with service providers around the world to actually provide that balloon internet. Along with Wing, an autonomous drone delivery project that also graduated today, Loon is perhaps evidence that Google's moonshot lab can work: it's successfully graduated a number –Loon graduates from X moonshot lab ↗