New devastating Intel CPU flaw discovered

It feels like yesterday that Meltdown and Spectre emerged and changed computers forever, but it was actually January 2018—these are not James Bond movie titles, but major security problems that were uncovered in the way Intel builds CPU hardware and software.  Now, there's four new attacks on processors that use similar tactics to gain access to in-flight data, called ZombieLoad, Fallout, Store-to-Leak and RIDL (Rogue In-Flight Data Load). And, the really bad news: it affects every Intel CPU since 2011. These new security flaws work both against normal PCs and cloud environments, like those run by Amazon, Google and Microsoft, where a successful attack could spill adjacent data from someone else's running workloads. A video demonstrating ZombieLoad in action shows a computer infected with a specially-crafted piece of malware being able to track what URLs the user visits—despite being connected to a VPN using Tor inside a virtual machine.  These attacks exploit a method Intel employs to make processors seem –CPU fail ↗