The teething problems with Waymo self-driving cars

There's a bombshell report on The Information (paywall) today that details just how difficult self-driving cars are, despite whatever positive spin they put on it.  What's most annoying, it seems, is living among crappy robot drivers that are trying to learn how to drive: Ms. Cusick and other workers shared similar stories of waiting for minutes at a time behind Waymo vans as they struggled to turn left through the first intersection the vehicles encounter when they leave their depot. The report says that the Waymo vehicles are programmed to follow every road rule precisely, causing problems on the road because they're better at following the rules than their human counterparts: The biggest issue for Waymo’s vans and other companies’ prototypes is human drivers or pedestrians who fail to observe traffic laws. They do so by speeding, by not coming to complete stops, by turning illegally, texting while driving, or with –Waymo's big ambitions slowed by tech trouble ↗