Magic Leap is actually available for purchase

Magic Leap has been loudly waving its hands around about its augmented reality headset with little to show for it for almost five years, after that first video touted augmented reality that seemed too good to be true. As the company raised millions of dollars repeatedly over the years, it seemed to release nothing more than hot air: concept videos regularly appeared touting the 'experience' that left most of us questioning how it could be quite so far ahead of the competition. Now, after we saw a peek at the hardware in 2017, the company has actually shipped something: from today, those in six US cities will be able to order a Magic Leap for a modest $2,295 (excluding accessories).  WIRED got to talk to Magic Leap (again), and try the device in long-winded piece about the company: These experiences are certainly on par with other augmented-reality and virtual-reality –Magic Leap is actually real ↗