Instagram's Threads app is a fun, data collection nightmare

The launch of Instagram's new Threads app leaked a while ago, but it's now rolling out to the world, and while it's a fun spin on passive social media... it's a trap.  Here's the idea: you can automatically share what you're up to with your friends on Instagram by sharing always-on location, accelerometer and battery level access with the service. It'll update your story avatar with an emoji representing what you're up to, like a 🌳when you're in the forest or ✈️if you're traveling. A core part of the Threads experience actually focuses on 'close' friends on Instagram, allowing instant camera shots to be sent to those you've selected as those in your inner circle. Threads is a genius extension of the Instagram platform... and it's a data collection nightmare. It's easy to forget that Facebook owns Instagram, because it sometimes doesn't seem like it, but when you share constant location access –Threads ↗