Microsoft's iPad competitor: Surface Go

As Microsoft builds out the Surface line of products an obvious direction eventually was an iPad killer; a device that would directly compete with the iPad, while still offering the flexibility you'd find in a laptop. The Surface Go, which Microsoft revealed today, is aimed directly in that space: it's a 10-inch 2-in-1 tablet made for throwing in a backpack and using on the couch. It's super thin at 8.3mm and is still a full computer despite the size.  There are no fans, 9 hours of battery and even an LTE option, which I think needs to be more standard in all of these types of devices. For a machine starting at $399, this is Microsoft's new entry point to the Surface brand and I think they've done well positioning the device as a lightweight iPad competitor that can also do computer-grade activities. Intel revived the Pentium brand for the chipset inside this device –Meet Surface Go ↗