Switch Lite is a cheaper, smaller Switch

The Nintendo Switch is one of the more delightful gadgets in recent memory: it makes playing real games on the move possible, but the magic comes in when you're playing Zelda on the way home, walk in the door, slam it in the TV dock and keep playing on the big screen. The device was a breakout hit for Nintendo, after a few years lost in the wild, and now the company's launching a cheaper model for those that are still holding out—with a number of limitations over the original. First, the Nintendo Switch Lite only works handheld—and the controllers are no longer removable but a part of the unit's body, assumably to save on manufacturing costs. Because of that, you can't use the Switch Lite with a TV, either, with the functionality stripped from the device. The removal of the TV functionality seems bizarrely heavy-handed, however, given that the same effect could –Switch Lite ↗