An inside job at AT&T

One of the craziest things that still exists, in my mind, is smartphone locking to a carrier network—I haven't seen it for a number of years outside of North America, but it's alive and well there.  For those that don't know, if you buy a phone from a carrier like AT&T on a contract, they'll often lock it to only be usable on their network until you've paid it off. It sounds absurd, and it is, but it's a gloriously profitable way to shackle customers to a company. Over the weekend, it was revealed that a Pakistani duo had operated a rogue unlocking operation for AT&T-locked devices: The bribery scheme lasted from at least April 2012 until September 2017. Initially, the two Pakistani men bribed AT&T employees to unlock expensive iPhones so they could be used outside AT&T's network. The two recruited AT&T employees by approaching them in private via telephone or Facebook messages. Employees –AT&T employees took bribes ↗