Huawei caught faking benchmarks

Performance benchmarks are a weird phenomenon, but consumers absolutely make purchase decisions based on numbers, especially when they look larger. So, what happens if they're a lie? Well, we just found out, with Huawei's latest phone. Huawei is a huge proponent of pushing big fancy benchmark numbers to sell devices, and it's been caught red-handed messing with its latest devices lying about how they work. Essentially, it's using phone performance profiles to inflate those numbers: [Huawei's] newer devices come with a benchmark detection mechanism that enables a much higher power limit for the SoC with far more generous thermal headroom. Ultimately, on certain whitelisted applications, the device performs super high compared to what a user might expect from other similar non-whitelisted titles. This consumes power, pushes the efficiency of the unit down, and reduces battery life. Essentially, that boils down to this: Huawei detected a benchmark was running, and took off the –Huawei busted cheating on performance tests ↗