Google buys Fitbit, but why?

After resisting getting properly into the wearable game for years, Google is finally diving in: it's officially acquiring Fitbit for a whole $2.1 billion, which seems like a steal given it was valued at $10 billion just a few years ago. The lack of a Google wearable, and rumors that one is coming, has been long pondered, but the 'Pixel Watch' never emerged. Perhaps it was a lack of sales for the Pixel line of phones, or maybe that renewed push for focus internally was paying off, but given the Apple Watch's success in the industry, it seemed like an odd gap. The question, in my mind, is what the heck Fitbit adds to the Google portfolio? It's merging with the Google hardware division, not the awkward 'owned by Alphabet' arrangement that kneecapped Nest for years, but a part of the core strategy going forward. At first, I figured this was about advertising and health data –Fitbit acquisition ↗