Facebook jumps into bed with publishers again

Every few years, a tech giant comes along and dangles a bunch of money in front of news publications, who gleefully go out of their way to gobble it up. It's free money, all you need to do is bet your business model on our platform, what could go wrong? As history has repeatedly shown, quite a lot can go wrong. When Facebook infamously 'pivoted to video' in 2015, the free money lasted for a while, and things were finally looking up for the industry. Fast-forward a few years, and the money suddenly went away—leaving hundreds of journalists out of a job. Whether it's video, Google Accelerated Mobile Pages, Apple News or Facebook Instant Articles, some technology company with giant reach shows up every few years, promising to be the savior of news, throwing free money around and gobs of traffic at anyone who's willing to take it while it lasts. Yet again, Facebook is –Free Facebook money (again) ↗