WhatsApp calls: the perfect malware distribution method

A bombshell over the weekend with unprecedented consequences: WhatsApp, an app used by 1.5 billion people around the world, was discovered to contain a vulnerability that infected any phone with a simple phone call. Not only did you not need to answer the call at all, the target would be left none the wiser, as the malware it installed could also allegedly erase call logs. Who's responsible for the attack? According to the report, it was developed by Israeli company, NSO Group.  Not only did it catch Facebook by surprise, leaving it just a few days to resolve the flaw, the company doesn't actually know which users were targeted yet. According to some stories, the company resolved it in "less than ten days" and secured the back-end infrastructure to prevent it from being used. We don't know much about the attack specifically other than it being logged as a buffer overflow –Massive WhatsApp breach ↗