Samsung's Galaxy event: end of the line?

Pretending like peak phone hasn't already arrived is Samsung's schtick right now, and as it unveiled the Galaxy Note 10 yesterday, it was what you'd expect: a predictable phone, with no new strategy or plan to stick out from the herd of cheaper rectangles. The Galaxy Note has always been strangely popular, especially given its larger size, and the Note 10 is about what you'd expect. A giant phone with 8GB of RAM and choices between 256GB or 512GB of storage—but they finally stretched the display to the outer edges of the device, opting for the camera 'pinhole' design rather than a notch. If there's anything notable out of the event it's that the company dropped the 3.5mm headphone jack—it was one of the last holdouts—and deep integration with Windows PCs that allows controlling the phone from a computer, as well as full-on integration of Office, which many businesses might find interesting. But –Galaxy Note 10 ↗