Snap is still making spectacles

When Snap debuted Spectacles three years ago, it was accompanied by a splashy, cute marketing campaign at the peak of the company's hype. The camera-equipped glasses could only be obtained at a bright yellow Snap vending machine, which appeared at random all over the globe. The campaign drew a lot of attention at first—I even found myself wanting a pair—but as it became easier to obtain them and Snap's own appeal diminished, the company found itself stuck with thousands of unsold units in storage. Snap had vastly overestimated the demand, and consumers didn't really use them for long after buying. You'd be forgiven for thinking the story ended there, but it didn't: Snap actually made a second-generation pair of glasses last year, which almost nobody noticed, and it's now back again with Spectacles 3.  This new version of the glasses has two cameras instead of one, and focuses in on depth for the first time: there's –Spectacles v3 are here because reasons ↗