Microsoft plans to ditch its own browser technology

For more than two decades, Microsoft has pursued building its own browser technology, and it looks like that's coming to an end: multiple reports are saying that the company plans to switch to a Chromium-based rendering engine as soon as this week. That's a huge shift, away from a proprietary, in-house technology that's been a core part of Microsoft's focus for so long. The 'browser wars' have been through so many iterations starting with Mosaic in the early 1990's, Netscape, then the modern fight, that it's surprising Microsoft is willingly conceding defeat. Before we get into today's report, it's important to zoom out and understand how we got here. Here's a little bit of history, glossing over so many details because I can't possibly give what happened justice in an email. Internet Explorer dominated the entire browser market in the 1990's and early 2000's, with the proprietary Trident rendering engine underneath. Today –Microsoft considers moving to Chromium engine ↗