Radiohead beats hacker to releasing files

Here’s a fascinating story I couldn’t resist today: Radiohead found itself being threatened by an anonymous hacker, who demanded $150,000 to stop the release of 18 hours of stolen audio. Instead of paying it, Radiohead did the unthinkable: releasing it all on their own, and using the funds for charity. The audio is from the OK Computer era, and is a treasure trove of demos, messing about, and a rare peek inside the ideation process of an incredibly famous band.  According to Thom Yorke, Radiohead’s front man, the hacker broke in and stole 18 minidiscs (which is a blast from the past on its own), presumably backed up digitally, then threatening their release in order to profit.  Publicly, this all started last week when an anonymous user on a. On the Radiohead subreddit, users were already considering pooling together money to buy the material out of “high historical interest,” but grew concerned about the –Radiohead hacked songs ↗