Apple's iPhone event is tomorrow

It's been a year since the iPhone X debuted and it's already flown by. Apple's next iPhone event is tomorrow, in Mountain View, California, and there's little left in terms of surprises, as far as I can tell. Here's what I'm expecting to see tomorrow, based on reports so far: Three new iPhone devices, in the iPhone X style, including a new size with a larger display but no USB-C portRefreshed iPad Pro, with Face ID support and USB-C port (!)The first redesign of the Apple Watch since it debuted, with a larger screen and thinner body sizeMinor Airpods refresh with wireless charging and the repeatedly delayed AirPower padWe'll see what happens tomorrow, but the idea of adding USB-C to one device and leaving the other flagship without is weird at best, especially with the Mac now sporting the connector for almost three years. There's plenty of other rumors, including one about the