Revealing what Zuckerberg truly thinks

A bombshell leak today saw audio from an internal Facebook meetings make it onto the internet, and the revelations are about as you'd expect: Zuckerberg isn't telling the full story when he speaks publicly on a range of topics, from monopoly to competition.  The leak was published by Casey Newton at The Verge, and is fairly unprecedented. it includes comments on Zuckerberg seeing Elizabeth Warren, a candidate for the democrats, as an "existential" threat to the company's continued existence.  I implore you to click through and read the piece, which is presented in a compelling way. What struck me most was this part, more than anything else: "Zuckerberg sounds earnest and genial throughout the Q&A sessions. He jokes repeatedly about how he would have been fired several times over the years if he had not negotiated for total control over the company, drawing laughter from his employees." Ha ha, it's so –Zuck's real talk ↗