Google bows to pressure with new AI principles

Google capitulated to pressure from its employees and the public last week amid growing concern over its work to help the Pentagon implement machine learning technology; the company backed down, and the contract will end. The debate raged fiercely because few companies have any sort of public rule set, or principles for what they will (or won't) do with AI in the future. Google today laid out seven principles for the use of AI, that it says will guide it into future projects: Be socially beneficialAvoid creating or reinforcing unfair biasBe built and tested for safetyBe accountable to peopleIncorporate privacy design principlesUphold high standards of scientific excellenceBe made available for uses that accord with these principlesThese are some great, specific tenets that are worth reading because they go into detail about what each means. I was quite surprised, and happy, to see that Google plans to put privacy at the –AI at Google ↗