Yet Another Twitter Redesign

Twitter announced yet another news feature yesterday, which is designed to help you see what's happening on the service much easier by surfacing topics, breaking news, events and other stuff into a new explore tab. The amount of times that I've heard "Twitter is focusing in on news" in the last three years or so is a bit mind boggling. There was Project Lightning, which became Moments, the push for live video, the push into TV, the move off TV boxes and so on. Twitter's push into live video actually kinda seems to be working, with many events broadcast directly on the service — like Zuckerberg's US hearings — alongside a timeline. What's unfortunate about the news today, is it's yet another attempt to create a version of Twitter everyone can understand, but without much incentive for existing users to continue tweeting in general. Oh, and it's region-locked to the US, just like Moments' limited rollout, which still –More news in your app ↗